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    Unfortunately, there are still many people who are not familiar with or do not pay attention to the proper selection of building and insulating materials for their fireplaces and tiled stoves.  Regrettably, this also holds good for the majority of construction or other building companies that continue to use absolutely improper materials.
   This often results in various objectionable odours or raising dust in interiors of your house. This, however, is by far the least problem to worry about. The thing is that the particles, which enter the interior as a part of the circulating hot air and are then inhaled by you, are very often carcinogenic.
   The temperature inside the lining of the fireplace with a closable fireplace insert is approximately 400°C. Various cotton wools and boards, protected by aluminium foils, are also inappropriate. They are stuck together using glue, often resistant to 100°C only, which leads to the glue vaporizing and stinking and the foil scaling. This is accompanied by releasing some of very undesirable substances that are detrimental to your health! Obviously, Ytong and Hebel materials andgypsum plasterboards are improper as well. They fail to withstand long-term heat stress and show the above adverse effects as well. Even the anti-fire gypsum plasterboard is not suitable. In this case, the “anti-fire” word refers to the ability of material to withstand fire for a longer period of time before its drying and gradual collapse. It is also inappropriate as a material for fireplace construction.
   In our opinion, the construction of fireplaces and tiled stoves should be carried out by professionals only. Therefore, we recommend using services of those companies listed in the “Points of Sale in the Czech Republic” section.   Construction & Insulation Material in One for Building Your Fireplace and Tiled Stove.


   The GRENAISOL insulation boards are made of expanded vermiculite and a special inorganic binder providing a high resistance to the temperatures up to 1250°C and heat shocks.  The board is non-toxic and free of any asbestos, glass or mineral fibres. It has sufficient strength and mechanical stability, high durability with high electric resistance and low heat conductivity.
   Thanks to the properties of these boards, you will not only build your fireplace or stove (using an non-combustible, environmental-friendly natural material), but also ensure its sufficient insulation in one constructional step.  Also the heat energy produced by a heat source heating the external walls of your house or other structures will not be wasted, as the heat will only be used to warm the rooms. Apart from the insulation itself, there are various ways of the Grenaisol board application - the boards can be directly tiled or lined, coloured or covered by a thin-wall plaster. This saves both your time and money. The GRENAISOL boards are rigid and feature an excellent insulating ability.  Compared to other standard insulating materials, a relatively small thickness of the material is needed, resulting in saving the valuable space inside your house. The Grenaisol boards are very stable and easy to handle. No changes occur both at high and low temperatures.  They shall be disposed off as specified for normal building waste.

   The boards can be easily worked using common wood-processing tools (hand saw, cordless drill, stapling gun, grinding screen for the gypsum plasterboard, etc.). There is really minimum dust when working with these boards!
   The Grenaisol board has application grooves on one side to ensure perfect adherence of the structural net, plasters, etc.
   For easy installation instructions accompanied with pictures, as well as, other important information, such as the Declaration of Conformity, visit the Download section.  With Grenaisol boards, fireplace construction is really easy!



Complete Program

     Our company offers a complete program for working with these boards in section "Stove-building - Stove Fitter’s Equipment". Apart from complete detailed instructions with photographs, it also provides the entire technological procedure of the construction, consisting of the following points:

  • Application of the GrenaKlebepaste glue for adhesive bonding and gap filling.
  • Bolting or fastening the insulating boards together using a stapling gun.
  • Placing the SILATERM structural net using HAFŤÁK (i.e. bearing layer for the structural net)
  • Application of the SILATERM ST-J plaster designed for fireplaces and stoves on this surface.

Summary of Main Advantages

  • Environmental-friendly and non-toxic material
  • Certified in the Czech Republic and European Union
  • Totally dust-free system
  • Small space required thanks to small material thickness
  • Trouble-free disposal as with any standard building material
  • Building & insulating element in one
  • Easy working and treatment
  • High-quality, fast & economic solution
  • Supplied with complete instructions + photographs and technical support
  • Complete program for the boards (stove-building materials) available
  • Recommended by German experts in the stove-building field.


   As a matter of course, not only this material but also all the other products ASSOCIATED WITH THE GRENAISOL BOARDS are certified.

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Izolační desky pro stavbu krbů a kachlových kamen