Grenaisol, Izolační desky pro stavbu krbů a kachlových kamen

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           Fireplace Construction
Grenaisol and applications  

   The range of the Grenaisol insulating board applications is much wider than just the construction of fireplaces and tiled stoves. Thanks to their properties and quality (visit the home page and the “Download” bookmark), they can also be used in other fields where other insulants are either literally inappropriate or insufficient. They can be used both in households and in the building as well as other industries (as a part of various baking and drying devices, glasswork).

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 In these cases, the Grenaisol insulating boardsoffer:

  • high-quality
  • fast
  • easy
  • economic
  • environmental friendly
  • hygienic and
  • efficient solutions

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Izolační desky pro stavbu krbů a kachlových kamen